Behind the scenes

This is the page where we'll be adding behind-the-scenes material on the Guild Hunter. Warning: possible spoilers!

Series list

1. Angels' Blood
2. Archangel's Kiss
3. Archangel's Consort
4. Archangel's Blade
5. Archangel's Storm
6. Archangel's Legion
7. Archangel's Shadows
8. Archangel's Enigma - 2015


All the novellas were written to stand alone, so you can pick them up at any stage in the series.

Collected Novellas
All four Guild Hunter novellas to date now available in a single volume - Angels' Flight.

Individual Novellas

1. Angels' Pawn (available as an e-book on its own, and as part of Angels' Flight)
2. "Angels' Judgment" in Angels' Flight (originally part of the Must Love Hellhounds anthology)
3. "Angel's Wolf" in Angels' Flight (originally part of the Angels of Darkness anthology)
4. "Angels' Dance" in Angels' Flight (also available as an e-book).


the guild hunter series

Berkley Books

angels' blood archangel's kiss archangel's consort
Angels' blood
March 2009
archangel's kiss
February 2010
archangel's consort
January 2011
archangel's blade archangel's storm nalini singh archangel's legion nalini singh
archangel's BLADE
September 2011
archangel's STORM
September 2012
archangel's Legion
October 2013
archangel's shadow nalini singh archangels enigma nalini singh  
archangel's Shadows
October 2014
archangel's Enigma
September 2015


must love hellhounds angels of darkness temp cover
must love hellhounds
September 2009
Angels of darkness
October 2011
Angels' Flight
March 2012
angels dance ebook nalini singh    
angels' Dance
December 2012